Masuri Protection - Masuri

Built on our three core principles of Absorb, Deflect and Protect, our cricket helmets and StemGuards are trusted by professional sportsmen and women around the world, and are the most widely used helmet in professional cricket globally. This is a testament to the countless hours of research, development, sourcing and testing that is poured into every new protective product we bring to market.

We’re relentless in our pursuit of protective perfection. Because when you’re facing down a bouncer at 90mph you need to know that your equipment isn’t going to let you down. As keen cricketers, we know how it feels, because we’ve been there ourselves. We demand the highest levels comfort, the ultimate in no-compromise protection and unaffected performance.

We ceaselessly research, challenge convention and never rest on our laurels. We receive and incorporate feedback from some of the world’s finest players, and this feedback and attention to detail is what informs all our ranges from amateur to professional. Because we don’t deal exclusively with cricket, we look beyond the cricket world for inspiration and innovation, aerospace, automotive, equestrian, cycling – you name it, the chances are we’ve considered and drawn inspiration from it.

The latest innovations in materials and technology all inform our unrivalled attention to detail, and we’re proud to represent the best of British design, manufacturing and technology. Features such as our revolutionary Twin Shell Protection System and Patented Eye-Line Grille System demonstrate how seriously we take player protection, and are proven to perform in the both in the development lab and at the crease.