Masuri Technology - Masuri

Inspired by design, driven by performance. Our player-first approach to technology is first perfected in the lab, then proven at the crease, at the breakdown, and on countless pitches and courts across the globe.

Where we lead, others follow. Every Masuri garment is designed to give you the edge on the field of play. From ergonomic design, to the very latest performance-enhancing materials, when you’ve given everything you have to give, it’s these little details that make the difference, that help plumb those untapped reserves of energy and willpower to get you across the finish line.

Whatever your level, performance is everything, and Masuri garments are made to perform in the most demanding sports and in the toughest conditions. Tested in the winter mud, driving rain or the heat of the summer, our no-compromise approach to research, design and development pays dividends when the pressure’s on.

Our development team scours the world seeking inspiration and innovation in materials and technologies. We don’t simply look at what our rivals are doing, we seek advice and share information from industries outside the realm of sport, incorporating the latest technologies in plastic moulding into our helmet shells, or sourcing the latest in compression wear to provide players with those fine, marginal gains that can make all the difference.

Laboratory testing and analysis provides us with the vital data to fuel continual improvement in our products. Whilst we demand the highest standards in performance from our products, data can only prove so much. That’s why our product prototypes undergo such rigorous testing in real-world conditions.