India batsmen Shikhar Dhawan and Ravi Ashwin today [Wednesday August 27] switched to Masuri Vision Series helmets for the Second ODI at Cardiff.The pair are following in the footsteps of England’s Stuart Broad, who changed to Masuri in the Fifth Test at The Oval after having his nose broken by a bouncer in the previous Test. 

After his innings Ashwin said:

This Vision Series helmet felt far superior to anything I have worn before.”

Masuri Managing Director Sam Miller said: “We are delighted to see Shikhar Dhawan and Ravi Ashwin have now started wearing our helmets for ODI games.

“Our new Vision Series range has been designed with the latest ICC December 2013 safety standard specifically in mind.

“Our developers have liaised closely with the testing team at Loughborough Sports Institute to ensure the Vision Series helmets will pass the new safety standard when official testing gets underway.

 “After Stuart Broad was injured at Old Trafford, we were asked to supply a helmet for him try out in the nets. We were extremely pleased when he decided to wear Masuri during the match.”

The Masuri Vision Series helmet worn at Cardiff by Dhawan and Ashwin has a patented double bar at the top of the grille offering batsmen a greatly improved level of safety.

Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara, and Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, both started wearing Masuri Vision Series helmets this week.

In the Fourth Test at Old Trafford, Broad top-edged a bouncer from Varun Aaron and the ball smashed into his nose after passing between the top of the grille and the peak of his previous helmet.

Seven other England players wore Masuri Vision Series helmets in the final Test against India.

Image of Shikhar Dhawan credit of cricket.com.au  

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