What is it?

The Masuri StemGuard is a safety attachment that clips on to Masuri Vision Series cricket helmets to provide batsmen with additional protection to the exposed area at the back of the head and neck.

The StemGuard is made of shock absorbing honeycomb plastic and a military-specification high-density foam.

Attaching your StemGuard

•  Your StemGuard clips on to the rear bars of your Vision Series Grille

•  You can adjust it by altering the centre strap until suitable for you

•  If fitted properly it does not impair nor restrict the movement of your head

•  If unsure check with your nearest Cricket Specialist retailer to check you have attached the StemGuard correctly

The Masuri StemGuard will only work to its optimum when attached to a Masuri Vision Series helmet.

Masuri’s Vision Series helmet range incorporates ground-breaking technology, including the Halo Reinforcement System (HRS). HRS ensures less flex in the helmet and grille, and therefore less movement when the junction between StemGuard and Grille is struck. This enables the StemGuard to be more effective in protecting the wearer.

Attaching a StemGuard [patent pending] to another manufacturer’s helmet will drastically reduce its ability to provide extra protection.

Scientists at Progressive Sports Technologies at Loughborough University worked with Masuri on an intensive testing programme, leading to the development of the Masuri Vision Series, which are manufactured in the UK.