ICC stance on cricket helmets 'increases tragedy risk', says Professional Cricketers' Association chief

Nine months after the tragic death of Phillip Hughes, Angus Porter, the Chief Executive of the Professional Cricketers’ Association, has warned that the International Cricket Council’s lack of leadership in enforcing minimum safety standards on helmets “seems bound to increase the chances of avoidable tragedy”.

Porter said: “Issues like health and safety are ones where there is a huge benefit in international co-ordination. If we don’t have the ICC playing that role then it’s hard to see who can – and we’ll end up with each board going its own way.”

In June all members of the ICC agreed to implement the British Safety Standard, established in 2013, for cricket helmets for international cricketers.

The new helmet safety standard does not mandate for additional protection to the back of the neck, where Hughes was fatally struck last November, although some new helmet designs do offer extra protection in this area.

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Article taken from Telegraph.co.uk