Masuri cricket helmet sets new safety benchmark

Vision Series Launch: 20th August 2013, London

The world’s leading cricket helmet manufacturer, Masuri Group Limited, has released the unique Vision Series range of helmets that set a new standard in safety design with patented Active Peak and Eyeline Grille combine to offer greater protection for batsmen.

Active Peak TechnologyVision Series helmet Masuri launch

The Vision Series helmet has ground-breaking and patented technology, Active Peak and Eyeline Grille, two features that work together to stop a cricket ball penetrating the gap between peak and grille – while maintaining an excellent viewing space for batsmen.

Following a study on injuries initiated by the International Cricket Council, the British Standards Institute will this year announce a new safety standard for helmets.

Scientists at Loughborough University have been working with Masuri, and other manufacturers, on an intensive testing programme aimed at delivering the safer helmet.

Masuri Group Limited Chairman Ian Jamieson said: ‘We are delighted to reveal the concept behind our new Vision Series range of cricket helmets, which improves the safety of cricket players of all abilities and ages.

‘We are utilising modern technology and have brought manufacturing of the helmets back to the UK, which is another positive of this development.’

The helmet’s inventor, Jon Hardy, said: ‘Building on our strong heritage in cricket helmet design, the Vision Series represents a huge step forward for player safety.

‘The Eyeline Grille combined with the reinforced peak are designed to prevent the ball prising its way between peak and grille providing enhanced protection from potential injury.

‘We are extremely proud that international players choose to wear Masuri helmets. They are not paid to wear them, which is the best possible endorsement of our brand. It demonstrates that Masuri really is the players’ choice at all levels of the game.’

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