Masuri invited ITV News and All Out Cricket magazine to Progressive Sports Technologies' lab to watch the rigorous testing process that Vision Series cricket helmets are subjected to.

The Masuri Vision Series was chosen by over 75% of England and New Zealand players during the recent One Day International Series.

ITV News reporter Lauren Hall, All Out Cricket writer Vish Ehantharajah and youth cricket coach Josh Peacock saw the testing session in action, carried out by Dr James Jones, of Progressive Sports Technologies, at Loughborough University.

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Josh had brought along his old (discontinued) Masuri helmet to see how it compares during testing to the new Vision Series model.

Dr Jones put Josh’s helmet into a compressed air cannon that fires balls at the helmets at 80mph. In reaction to seeing his helmet being tested, Josh said:

I was shocked to see the effect of the impact on my helmet. I hadn’t adjusted the gap between my peak and grille and the ball went straight through and would have hit me flush on the nose.”

The current Vision Series Elite helmet features a patented Eye-Line Grille that reduces the chance of a ball passing between peak and grille by deflecting the ball upwards into the reinforced peak and away from the face.

Dr Jones said:

The Vision Series helmets have all been through a range of tests here, including the projectile tests where we fire a ball at helmets in a variety of positions and angles.

“They have also been through impact attenuation tests and a number of drop tests have been conducted on the shell of the helmet.”

All models in the Masuri Vision Series range of helmets comply with the new British Safety Standard BS7928:2013, which was driven by the International Cricket Council.

Masuri Managing Director Sam Miller said:

It’s really important for all the stakeholders in cricket helmet safety to see what we are doing here to mitigate the risks that are apparent when batting.”

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Watch out for Lauren Hall’s coverage due to be aired on the 9th of July across all ITV News regions.