New StemGuard Ties

The new Masuri StemGuard Ties are designed to attach the guard to the helmet and prevent it from leaving the helmet in the case of an impact.

The ties are easily attached and should not come off once fitted correctly. They prevent the guard from detaching during impact and potentially hitting the wicket, whilst allowing the StemGuard to do its job of absorbing the impact of a cricket ball.

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The StemGuard attaches to Masuri Original Series MK2 and Vision Series helmets. It has been designed to give batsmen free movement, whilst offering additional protection to the vulnerable region at the back of the head and neck. Independant tests show that the StemGuard's innovative design absorbs more impact than most cricket helmets. There are many copycat products in the market today that do not come close when it comes to impact absorption.

The Masuri StemGuard is a result of extensive research and development. This high-tech product combines an impact modified TPU honeycomb with military grade crush foam in order to maximise impact absorption, giving players more confidence when batting.