Sportsvibe review of the Masuri Vision Series Elite Titanium

With the 2015 cricket season just around the corner, Sportsvibe are looking at some of the latest cricket equipment and accessories to help you decide what gear you should be buying for when you step out on the field.

With the tragic death of Australian opener Phil Hughes hitting the headlines in recent months, helmet safety has been on the top of the agenda with the new season coming around quickly.

As someone who is always reluctant to wear a helmet when going out to bat, I have come to the decision that it is a must from now on, and after trying out the new Masuri Vision Series Elite helmet, I will always be walking out to the crease with their latest creation on.

Masuri have put the proverbial blood, sweat and tears into making sure that safety is the number one concern, and the finished product is one of the best creations I have come across in my cricketing career.

The Vision Elite Series isn’t embroided with flash  new additions, it prioritses safety from all angles, and as someone that has suffered a broken nose from refusing to wear a lid, I fully endorse their decision to put your safety on the top of the agenda.

With the gap between the grill and the tip of the helmet smaller to ensure the ball will not make its way through, causing the inevitable black eye or broken nose, I must admit thinking that my vision would end with me looking through the grille as the bowler inevitably delivers me an absolute jaffer.

But, much to my surprise, the grill does not interfere with eye-line, allowing an unspoiled viewing space to keep you eye on those all important spinning balls and fielding changes.

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