A new innovation by Masuri

3D printed padding for protection, comfort and ventilation

The new TF3D and TF3D-PRO helmets are manufactured
using the latest 3D printing techniques to create an internal lattice structure padding system that gives players the best fit and finest level of head protection in the game.

The TF3D lattice padding is pre-shaped for comfort and the helmet is ready to wear. Players also benefit from improved comfort and cooling ventilation on the field.

The TF3D-PRO uses head scanning technology for a fully custom fit.

UK Patent Pending GB2303831.8

innovative 3D Printing

Manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology, adding a layer of comfort to give players the best fit and finest level of protection in the game.

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Masuri is dedicated to cricket…and to producing stronger, safer protection for players at every age, and at every level of the game. The Product Development Team at Masuri is engaged full-time in advancing the technology that builds better helmets, StemGuard neck protectors, gloves and pads.

Masuri products are the market leaders for safety. This is recognised worldwide by the elite cricketing authorities who choose to partner with Masuri. Masuri has been protecting cricketers since 1991, and continues today to use the finest materials in its products to combine standard-setting technology and design that makes every player
safer – from the village green, to the great Test arenas.

Masuri Luggage Range

The Masuri Luggage Range re-engineers standard cricket bags, replacing generic fabrics with military grade ballistic nylon, durable materials and premium zips. Because a cricket bag should last for more than one season!

Masuri for women

The world of cricket is witnessing a welcome explosion in the number of players in the women's game. Here at Masuri we are responding by working with club and international players - including Australia's Holly Ferling - to develop a range of kit tailored specifically for women alongside our unisex protection products.

Masuri for Juniors

The Masuri range of protective equipment is particularly important at grassroots where thousands of clubs and schools take junior players of five and upwards and teaches them the basics of the game and, through cricket, enables them to make friends and learn new skills.