Masuri's 2022 pre-season County Helmet Fitting Sessions


Masuri’s team of helmet experts held a series of fitting sessions with players in the County Championship professional squads during the build up to the 2022 domestic season in England and Wales.

The sessions ensure the players have correctly-fitted helmets which provide them with increased levels of protection, safety and comfort.

Chris Woakes Helmet

It’s the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic that Masuri’s helmet specialists have been able to run the sessions for County players nationwide.

Sussex cricket training in Masuri helmet

Both players and staff attend the sessions, which also detail the support provided by Masuri throughout the domestic season in England and Wales.

The Masuri team was able to capture this fascinating behind-the-scenes footage thanks to enormous support and co-operation from all the County personnel at Sussex, Hampshire, Glamorgan, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire.

Tom Haines of Sussex training in Masuri helmet 

Issued by: The Masuri Group – Marketing and Brand Communications



Masuri is dedicated to cricket…and to producing stronger, safer protection for players at every age, and every level of the game. Masuri products are market leaders for safety. This is recognised worldwide by the elite international cricketing boards who partner with Masuri. Masuri has been protecting cricketers since 1991, and continues today to use the finest materials in its products to combine the standard-setting technology and design that makes every player safer – from the village green, to the great Test arenas.