Masuri today announce the release of the most technically-advanced cricket helmet in the world - the TrueFit 3D and TrueFit 3D-PRO.

The TF3D and TF3D-PRO helmets are manufactured using the latest 3D printing techniques to create an internal lattice structure padding system that gives players the best fit and finest level of head protection in the game.

The TF3D lattice padding is pre-shaped for comfort and the helmet is ready to wear. Players also benefit from improved comfort and cooling ventilation on the field.

The TF3D-PRO uses head scanning technology for a fully custom fit.

England players – including Ben Stokes, Zak Crawley, Ollie Pope, Ollie Robinson and Stuart Broad - are wearing the new TF3D-PRO helmet during the battle for The Ashes.

Australians Pat Cummins, Alex Carey and Mitchell Starc are also trialling the TF3D-PRO.

England legend Stuart Broad said: ‘Improving safety levels in cricket is massively important for every player.

‘So a helmet that uses the latest technology to advance protection for batters is to be welcomed.

‘Head scanning and 3D printing makes helmets fit far better.

‘I am pleased to be able to try out this new Masuri helmet and help with continually raising safety standards in our game.’

Batter Dawid Malan (pictured below during scanning) said: “Just being able to trust the product, that’s one of the key things for me.

“Being as comfortable as you can wearing something, and knowing that if you do miss one that you’re protected, that gives you the confidence to play your game without worrying about external things.”

To achieve the best-ever fit, each player has their head scanned by the Masuri helmet-fitting team employing advanced digital mapping technology.

The data collected is used in a state-of-the-art 3D printing process that creates the flexible lattice structure pads which mould to the unique contours of each player’s head.

These exact-fit pads fill crucial areas inside the helmet, reducing impact and vibration when it is struck by a ball.

The lattice structure also increases ventilation throughout the helmet, while the mould of the pads provides more surface area contact with the head for unmatched comfort.

A matt finish outer with stylish decals sees the TF3D and TF3D-PRO – patent pending no GB2303831.8 - setting the benchmark for design as well as safety in the modern game.

The Masuri development team have spent the last few years researching and refining the TF3D range to give all cricketers a stronger, safer, product.

Players in the women’s England and Australia Ashes squads have also been through the head scanning sessions and will start receiving their helmets shortly.

3D printing integrations are now being utilised in other safety-conscious sports including ice hockey and the NFL.

Masuri CEO Sam Miller said: “We are proud to bring the TrueFit 3D helmet range to professional and grassroots cricketers worldwide.

“Masuri remains committed to men’s and women’s player safety, player comfort, and to continually improving the level of protection in our range of products.

“We are constantly developing technological integrations, and the introduction of the TrueFit 3D and TrueFit 3D-PRO is a positive step in this direction.”

“From a safety perspective these 3D lattice structures set the benchmark for head protection in the game.”


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