TrueFit 3D helmets on show across Vitality Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup

HQ - Hampshire, UK: County Cricket returns across the UK this week, following a recent block of Vitality Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup matches in which Masuri's TrueFit 3D-PRO helmets were heavily on show!

Masuri's recent custom helmet rollout has seen each professional County team across the UK provided with the new TF3D-PRO helmets for their players, easily recognisable from the stands with their new matt-painted outer shell finish.



The uptake of these new custom helmets is a step forward in Head & Neck protection across professional cricket, as Masuri continues to deliver stronger, safer protection for cricketers from grassroots to the elite level.

TF3D-PRO helmets for The Blaze were on show as they claimed the 2024 Charlotte Edwards Cup, defeating Central Sparks and the South East Stars in Derby.




Jamal Richards trains for Essex.

Ollie Pope walks out to bat for Surrey at Hampshire.

Masuri’s TF3D technology is now available for the public to buy through cricket specialist retailers and via

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Issued by: The Masuri Group – Marketing and Brand Communications



Masuri is dedicated to cricket…and to producing stronger, safer protection for players at every age, and every level of the game. Masuri products are market leaders for safety. This is recognised worldwide by the elite international cricketing boards who partner with Masuri. Masuri has been protecting cricketers since 1991, and continues today to use the finest materials in its products to combine the standard-setting technology and design that makes every player safer – from the village green, to the great Test arenas.