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The Ultimate in Custom-Fit Head Protection

*3D printed pads sold in BLACK*

The Masuri TrueFit 3D-PRO cricket helmet provides the ultimate in custom-fit head protection for all cricket players.

It is manufactured using digital head mapping technology to scan and custom-print lattice padding tailored to each individual player.

The result is unrivalled protection, comfort and ventilation in Masuri’s most technically-advanced helmet yet.

The TF3D-PRO cricket helmet is already being worn by the world’s top professional cricketers.

Your scan data will then be sent for processing using Masuri’s proprietary software to convert the data into a digital drawing of a set of flexible, lattice-structured pads, that fit inside the helmet shell.

The drawings are used in the manufacturing process which employs the latest 3D printing technology.

The process from head scan to delivery will take approximately four weeks.

The lattice pads in your TF3D-PRO cricket helmet will give you the perfect fit, and provide advanced levels of protection and increased ventilation.

Masuri’s TF3D cricket helmet andTF3D-PRO cricket helmet deliver Stronger, Safer, Protection, For You.

UK Patent Pending GB2303831.8

Compliant with BS7928:2013