How 3D tech is keeping players safe - ABC Radio Melbourne


Masuri's Ben Puzny recently spoke with Lisa Leong at ABC Radio Melbourne about the new TrueFit 3D and TrueFit 3D-Pro cricket helmets, including how the introduction of 3D printing in cricket is working to increase comfort and protection for players across the world.


"We've always fitted helmets well from a circumference of the head point of view, via different helmet shell sizes and then customised foams that can go at the front and back of the helmet... and we were really aware of that and what we can do to get the correct fit. Scanning and 3D print technology has now allowed us to look to...provide a perfectly fitting helmet, or a true fit, across the entire head and not just the circumference.


The helmets that you see with the 3D technology will be different, they are going to have a nice matt painted finish as opposed to more of a traditional cloth cover, so if keen viewers were watching the Ashes they might have noticed a few helmets that looked a little bit different..."





Issued by: The Masuri Group – Marketing and Brand Communications



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